So a Logo walks into a bar and says…

Based on colour alone, it takes only 90 seconds for the consumer to make a subconscious decision about a product.  Your logo’s colour has a lot to say in that minute and a half!

Who knew a logo’s colour could say so much? Neuroscientist, Bevil Conway, believes the science behind processing colour is very powerful and can make a huge impact in the marketplace.

So what is your logo saying?

RED: Associated with heat, sun, fire. High-arousal colour. Stimulates people to take risks. May arouse feelings of energy, passion, love.

YELLOW: Associated with heat, sun, fire. Stimulates feelings of optimism, hope.

BLUE: Associated with coolness, sea, sky. Stimulates feelings of trust, security, calm, order.

ORANGE: Associated with heat, sun, fire. Stimulates feelings of balance, warmth, energy.

GREEN: Associated with the coolness of nature. Stimulates feelings of health, prosperity, good luck and balance within the world.

PURPLE: Associated with low-arousal. Stimulates feelings of mystery, royalty and spirituality.

A logo walks into a bar and says…everything you want it to say.


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