Should I Consider Podcasts?

A Podcast is an audio file for download via computer or mobile device. New episodes can be received by subscribers automatically.

A podcast is a fantastic way to personally connect to your consumers. If you’re new to the concept, think of it as a radio show that you never miss since you listen when you choose. No wonder millions are tuning in to these modern day “radio shows”.

Here are 8 reasons why Podcasts work and why you should consider producing your own:

1. You control the content

Podcasts attract listeners who are asking to hear what you have to say. This gives you a large amount of time to connect, speak volumes and deliver information the way you choose.

2. Personally connect with your audience

This is your chance to be creative as opposed to the corporate limits of brochures and websites. Layer your delivery with exciting events, upcoming trends, interviews and worldly connections.

3. Travel with your consumer

Podcasts are on the move with your client. If they have a means of listening to music, whether it be their computer, smartphone or MP3 player, they have the means of listening to you.

4. Cost effective

Podcasts are all about audio. The listener expects no bells and whistles…just simple conversation (what talk radio has been to us for years). Podcasts typically steer clear of music (copyright issues) and video.

5. Staying current

Outputting podcasts and making them available on your website is a great way to keep your image fresh, modern and current without the cost of revamping other costly marketing tools.

6. Time is on your side

Unlike most marketing strategies (commercials, video, brochures) where you want to keep content to a minimum, podcasts are the opposite. Your listener has invited you in and wants to enjoy the conversation while commuting to and from work or taking a break in their day. A typical podcast can run well over an hour. Because your listener is connecting to you on their time, they’re welcoming you into their lives. You have the mic!

7. If you had your own show… 

Wait. You do! It’s your show. Enjoy the limelight. Discuss, inform, entertain and enjoy the banter with celebrity speakers and consumer end-users.

8. Advertising

Advertisers will want a piece of the action on your show — a source of revenue if that’s the way you want to go, but be warned: Keep the ads relevant to your show or your listeners will tune out.


You can become self sufficient in developing your own podcasts. Consulting with a marketing media company to get started is a good idea. Keep your show of high caliber by professionally producing a one-time intro / extro segment that can sandwich each podcast.

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