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When your project calls for music – we answer.

Our ability to create custom music and record it in our on-site recording studio give your project life. Not only do we create music for videos and immersive media content, but we also create original band recordings. With our art director Jeremy Green’s vast experience in music we go beyond basic soundtracks.


This is where it all happens. The recording studio where the music gets captured. The facility is equipped with state of the art recording hardware and software and is designed to maximize quality. Tracks are recorded then mixed before sending out for mastering.


Their debut album for the satirical rock band was recorded entirely in our studios. A hilarious brand of musicianship and sarcasm with a Frank Zappa/Primus vibe this album rocks hard. Check out their website at


The guitar tracking plus some of the vocal tracking was completed for the Stoneflyers album “Inward & Onward” in the Sonic Shortbus. Before heading to Wavepool sounds for mixing and to Lacquer Master Channel for mastering. Stoneflyers are an old-school rock band with a singer songwriter vibe. Check out their website at