A Good Thing Happened on My Way to Monday

Mondays are tough. March Mondays, however? I’m finding them super tough. Even research shows the average Monday worker doesn’t smile until 11:16am.  So I guess I’m not the only one.

This morning in particular, I did not want to endure my regular workout routine before work. However, I dragged myself on the spin bike, threw on a somewhat entertaining documentary and went at it for an hour. I mixed up some hard interval training, cursed, did some backwards spinning, cursed some more and even tacked on a couple more minutes after the timer.

Then I stepped into this dreaded, March Monday. Yet, now I felt pretty darn good. Really good that my workout was over, but also really great about the day and the tasks that lay before me. What a day-changer one decision can bring.

I guess I just need this reminder that when we feel low and need that extra push, we have to gift that to ourselves; give ourselves that extra dose of adrenaline that helps us meet our best selves on the other side of determination, whatever that may be for each of us.





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