February Freedom

I’ve noticed a very recent shift in the corporate current these last few days. When meeting clients, suppliers and tradeshow attendees, I can see that everyone’s February is showing.

Yep. Everyone is starting to feel the effects of this cold, winter month. Even those who do their best at not giving in to the grey skies, their gumption lately is definitely less, well, ‘gumpy’.

Typical of every Canadian, we are feeling the weight of the snow (both its figurative and literal meaning). However, I like to see February as a Freedom month rather than a Funk month. February gives us the excuse to give ourselves a break; reach out of our normal routines and grab the parts of life that can pick us up.

For those of us who aren’t travelling this winter, I urge that we switch things up and build on those weekend calendar spots; give ourselves permission to be a little radical. It’s amazing how even the smallest of plans can put the energy back in our stride:

-Swim in a pool. Just the act of strapping on your unearthed swimsuit from August somehow feeds your brain great memories of warmer times. Not only is it a low-impact cardio workout, but swimming also stretches and builds your muscles. Throw in a post-workout sauna or hot tub and you’ll feel the great effects of this February mood kicker. Swimming on a weekly basis will help keep your spirits high all month. And the after-effects of this adrenaline-induced activity stays with you all day long.

-Take on a home project. Brightening a room or item in the house is a great way to get the summer embers in your heart aflame. A mosaic craft project or painting something in bright colours is a total mood changer.

-Count on your friends. Gather them around the fireplace, bar or living room for casual conversation and laughs. Throw on an adventure documentary or sports game in the background or break out the board games. Feed the conversation with trivia cards and creative appetizers.

When February comes, take it on as the month of ‘fabulous’. Owe it your time as though it’s your work’s sponsored event and your mood is the guest. If February can be the month that engages us to live more for ourselves than our routines, we may just find ourselves naming it our favourite time of the winter.

Now I’m off to pack my swim bag for a few laps tomorrow morning, email some friends about dinner this weekend and go through some paint chips to tackle some walls tomorrow evening after work.

February doesn’t have to be our enemy — even if we have to tackle it to the ground and demand that it submit to our creative and dazzling survival needs.


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