So a Logo walks into a bar and says…

Based on colour alone, it takes only 90 seconds for the consumer to make a subconscious decision about a product.  Your logo’s colour has a lot to say in that minute and a half!

Who knew a logo’s colour could say so much? Neuroscientist, Bevil Conway, believes the science behind processing colour is very powerful and can make a huge impact in the marketplace.

So what is your logo saying?

RED: Associated with heat, sun, fire. High-arousal colour. Stimulates people to take risks. May arouse feelings of energy, passion, love.

YELLOW: Associated with heat, sun, fire. Stimulates feelings of optimism, hope.

BLUE: Associated with coolness, sea, sky. Stimulates feelings of trust, security, calm, order.

ORANGE: Associated with heat, sun, fire. Stimulates feelings of balance, warmth, energy.

GREEN: Associated with the coolness of nature. Stimulates feelings of health, prosperity, good luck and balance within the world.

PURPLE: Associated with low-arousal. Stimulates feelings of mystery, royalty and spirituality.

A logo walks into a bar and says…everything you want it to say.


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The Path

I am blown away at the number of my Toronto peeps who are completely unaware of The Path Underground system. Most people think this subterranean sidewalk exists only in pieces.

However!! Did you know that this fully connected 30-km tunnel is continuous and deemed by Guinness World Records as the largest indoor mall in the WORLD?!

That’s right. Its marble decor and pristine shops, bakeries, boutiques, clinics, banks, cafes and restaurants make it a city in itself. You can walk from Queens Quay all the way to Dundas and Bay! It connects us to the ACC, CN tower, Rogers Centre and more. How awesome that we can still be active and continuously walk indoors during Canada’s horrific, winter months.

Thanks, Timothy Eaton, for constructing the first part of this tunnel under James St. in 1900. From there, others have connected, added on and continued this amazing system iconic to Toronto.

With other cities now using The Path as a model to plan their own future systems, it’s amazing to me that this is still an unknown feature to the locals who live in the city — right under their own feet.

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Demand More Than Mediocre

This is a shout-out to the City of Toronto that demanded more than mediocrity when designing a simple subway stop that gets commuters to its Royal Ontario Museum.

If you’re a transit hopper in the city, you are more than acclimatized to the underground grime of our society. And that is why this simple post is one of thanks.

Even just a pass-through of the Museum station stop and that quick flash of art and creativity glimpsed through closing subway doors and compressed people makes my day.

If everything we do demands more than mediocrity, how colourful the world would be.



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Is Your Email Signature Annoying?

Are you annoying everyone with your email signature?

Today, it’s very easy to shnazz it up by adding social media tags, awards won, inspirational quotes, photos, phone numbers, addresses, head shots, twitter handles, educational degrees, instagram accounts…phew!!

Without a little self-control, your signature could be just as irritating as that person at a party who talks non-stop about their overachieving kids.

So what is one to do?

I’ll give you the same advice I gave that guy at the party: Cut it short.

Did you know in the first 6 seconds of an email, someone looks at colour first? So your media badges do double-duty in this instance, but choose wisely. Adding a coloured logo with those badges, plus a photo or thumbnail is too much. Bring down the bling! People find it hard to remember more than one thing.

With email’s 3-second opportunities to show people your brand and what you represent, it’s important to highlight one key item: A clickable thumbnail that promotes a call to action or an award that makes you stand out.

As for those inspirational quotes, be sure that it builds your brand’s identity. Adding it just to add it, people typically don’t believe it. Match it well to your corporate persona.

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A Good Thing Happened on My Way to Monday

Mondays are tough. March Mondays, however? I’m finding them super tough. Even research shows the average Monday worker doesn’t smile until 11:16am.  So I guess I’m not the only one.

This morning in particular, I did not want to endure my regular workout routine before work. However, I dragged myself on the spin bike, threw on a somewhat entertaining documentary and went at it for an hour. I mixed up some hard interval training, cursed, did some backwards spinning, cursed some more and even tacked on a couple more minutes after the timer.

Then I stepped into this dreaded, March Monday. Yet, now I felt pretty darn good. Really good that my workout was over, but also really great about the day and the tasks that lay before me. What a day-changer one decision can bring.

I guess I just need this reminder that when we feel low and need that extra push, we have to gift that to ourselves; give ourselves that extra dose of adrenaline that helps us meet our best selves on the other side of determination, whatever that may be for each of us.





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When Old is New

Just because something seemingly transitions into the abyss of becoming obsolete does not necessarily mean its ultimate demise. Granted, coming up with new and exciting marketing ideas is exhilarating and abandoning an old idea is sometimes the best means of approach.

However, sometimes something old can become something new. And with the resolve of using what we have to work with, we breed ideas that give life to words like funky, distinct and dynamic to describe them.

Thinking outside the box is just what the city of London did when they had less use for their traditional and internationally known red telephone booths. With the death of the hard-wired phone comes the death of these cultural UK icons, right? No! Painting them black and turning them into wifi hotspots breathes new life into something aged and honoured.

Even though a few red telephone booths still adorn the streets of London, so now does their cousin, the black wifi booths.

Job Done.

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Christmas in the City

I know a lot of us find it hard to trudge through the city’s slush and snow as we pound the pavement in between meetings.  However, I will be that annoying person who enjoys this time of year.

The pre-holiday decorations that adorn the storefronts and city centres does make one’s daily missions more enjoyable.

As I traipsed through the Royal York a little while ago, I couldn’t help but admire the patience of Jeff Van Winden, the local Lego builder who recreated this historical building with over 20,000 pieces. Once the tallest in Toronto, it’s amazing how modern times have now enveloped the Royal York’s architecture.

It’s a busy time of year, but I do appreciate the chance to stop and smell the “Lego” and appreciate the little things that surround us during the daily grind of the city. There are a lot of people at work who make Toronto the awesome and explorable world that it is.

Wishing all of you the best during this festive time of year!

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Are We in Training Without Knowing it?


There’s this hill in the forest I like to climb. No. Hate to climb. I hop on my mountain bike and am compelled to tackle this horrible, steep incline that leaves my legs and lungs burning. It’s known as The Wall of Pain.

Properly named, absolutely.

On one particular day, I asked myself the question while I pedalled my little heart out on my way to the top.


Why do I do this? Why do I put myself through this excruciating agony? Worse, on days where I don’t find the strength or a root knocks me off my line, I put myself through a mental berating and suffer the grotesque defeat from The Wall. It sits heavy on me all day.

So why, time and again, do I turn onto this nasty trek of dirt? The only answer I could come up with is this: Because it’s there.

I don’t expect everyone to get this frame of thinking, because I don’t quite understand it myself.

However, I do know this. When I’ve given in and refused to push through, the feeling of failure trumps any relief my muscles enjoy when I quit.

I get this instinctive sense that The Wall is training me for something greater in life, where I’m being taught that, through the crappiest of times, it gets better on the other side — to stay with it, even if the goal is beyond my comprehension. I wonder what it is.

So when I’m at that mental crossroad and I want off, I push and burn and gasp and I keep going, because The Wall has shown me that failure feels worse than pain. When I reach the top, there’s nothing like it. It’s…euphoric. Maybe the answer to ‘why’ is, because I can.

Does everyone have something they do that drives them, but they don’t quite understand why? Are we all in training without knowing it — all these hobbies and initiatives that drive us, yet don’t seem to serve an obvious purpose?

I’m okay if there’s no real answer to that question. For now, I’ll just keep climbing.  The Wall has a lot to say.

I’m listening as best I can.



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