Are We in Training Without Knowing it?


There’s this hill in the forest I like to climb. No. Hate to climb. I hop on my mountain bike and am compelled to tackle this horrible, steep incline that leaves my legs and lungs burning. It’s known as The Wall of Pain.

Properly named, absolutely.

On one particular day, I asked myself the question while I pedalled my little heart out on my way to the top.


Why do I do this? Why do I put myself through this excruciating agony? Worse, on days where I don’t find the strength or a root knocks me off my line, I put myself through a mental berating and suffer the grotesque defeat from The Wall. It sits heavy on me all day.

So why, time and again, do I turn onto this nasty trek of dirt? The only answer I could come up with is this: Because it’s there.

I don’t expect everyone to get this frame of thinking, because I don’t quite understand it myself.

However, I do know this. When I’ve given in and refused to push through, the feeling of failure trumps any relief my muscles enjoy when I quit.

I get this instinctive sense that The Wall is training me for something greater in life, where I’m being taught that, through the crappiest of times, it gets better on the other side — to stay with it, even if the goal is beyond my comprehension. I wonder what it is.

So when I’m at that mental crossroad and I want off, I push and burn and gasp and I keep going, because The Wall has shown me that failure feels worse than pain. When I reach the top, there’s nothing like it. It’s…euphoric. Maybe the answer to ‘why’ is, because I can.

Does everyone have something they do that drives them, but they don’t quite understand why? Are we all in training without knowing it — all these hobbies and initiatives that drive us, yet don’t seem to serve an obvious purpose?

I’m okay if there’s no real answer to that question. For now, I’ll just keep climbing.  The Wall has a lot to say.

I’m listening as best I can.



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Five 2017 Slang Words You Want to Know


Staying current with some of today’s terms is an interesting challenge, especially if you don’t game or hang at the mall in your spare time.

So I’ve defined five words that I’ve overheard (and probably could never pull off, if I ever chose to use them):

Savage:  When you’ve done something bad-ass. Brutal, but awesome. (Okay, maybe I could pull this one off. I’ve done things that are totally savage).

One Hundo:  A short form of the term “100 per cent”.

Goat: An acronym for greatest of all time.

Extra:  A negative description for someone who is trying too hard or going over the top.

Low-Key:  When you’re loving something, but are keeping it on the down-low. You’re low-key loving this country song.

Hope you found this post on fleek. ????

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A.D.D Marketing

How does one introduce themselves in a corporate society where your audience has 2.7 minutes of spare time between tasks?

When I think back to when I first got into corporate media , I am amazed at how the marketing mission has evolved.

Time with a client through video was a true wonder. Customers were thrilled to be entertained through a 1-hour video in a sales world riddled with business cards and folded brochures (sort of like in high school when the teacher broke out a movie in class. Who cared if it was just a film about stick bugs getting it on?).

But throw on a 1-hour video in front of a perspective client these days and you’ll lose them in the first few seconds. No one has the time, let alone the attention span.

Yet, you have to have some form of moving media today or you’re not grabbing a client’s attention. So I’ve formed this helpful list in dealing with our A.D.D Corporate Society:


  1. Video: watch the run time. Stick around the 2 minute mark OR LESS.
  2. Video: use subtitles. People scrolling through social media sites may not be able to use volume at their desks. Subtitles also catch the eye in a scrolling feed.
  3. Printed materials: keep the text to a minimum. People don’t read anything that looks like a commitment.
  4. If you have to convey a lot of information, do so in a secondary media piece: a data stick, a website, a booklet (once you have them asking for more).
  5. Consider moveable images such as animated “cinemagraphs” on websites, static pages, etc. You’re competing visually, not just productively.
  6. Entertain. The internet offers freebies all the time: information, amusement, images. If you’re putting your media out there, make it worth the client’s while in a visually stimulating way.
  7. Ephemeral Content: As in short-lived media content that is transitory. Instead of a long video, break up the same marketing budget into many 15-second videos, uploading them in intervals to stay current.

Side Note: Stick Bugs have sex for 2 months straight. How’s that for attention span!

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Mood Lighting

When shooting video, our clients always seem surprised at the amount of equipment and detail required when it comes to lighting a room.

As we set up camp at a location, we commit to creating just the right mood and hue in order to capture the perfect balance.  Brightness is only the beginning.

We don’t like boring our clients with the intricacies involved in getting them to look their best on camera. Just because it’s our love and obsession, doesn’t mean we have to bore them with back lighting, key lighting, three-point lighting, fill lighting, natural lighting, contrast, colours, softboxes, popcorn shrimp, fried shrimp, Bubba Gump shrimp..Oh, whoops! I lost my point there for a second.

So, yeah! Lighting. It’s vital in getting just the right image. Pretty crucial, actually. So when we invade your board room, warehouse, or pretty much any location, we will come prepared so you look your best.

Don’t count on any shrimp, though.

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The Birth of an Idea

It can start with just a flicker. A dim glow in a dark room. The growing of an idea.

Depending on how you feed it, it can consume your thoughts and take on a life of its own. Or you can turn away from its beginnings and let it fade.

However, following an idea can awaken many other projects and goals. So perhaps the birth of the idea is just a small factor in something bigger altogether.

Either way, it’s right to hone in on these early creativities to see exactly what lingers there.

The birth of an idea can remain just that: an idea. Or the unearthing of something altogether different and adventurous.

Either way, pay attention to it. It’s trying to get your attention for a reason.

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Dumbing Down

We are being told that our techno-social devices are dumbing us down.

Never before in history have we, as modern-corporate humans, had to battle interruptions while working as much as we do today. And yet, never before have we had this gift of multifaceted communication lines to essential connections.

When we respond to texts, tweets and Facebook notifications, our brain power takes a hit and functions *20% less efficiently than if uninterrupted.

They say it takes about *25 minutes for our brain to return to its original task after we submit to our handhelds.

This isn’t really news to us though, is it? We know and feel every distraction that meets us head on as we plow down the road to fruition.

Constantly hearing about how detrimental this is for our productivity is, quite honestly, getting trite. Today’s Voice of Reason is turning into, quite bluntly, a nag.

We do hear you. We get it: Our mission to stay on task is constantly under attack. Even now, as I type this, I am ignoring an incoming text. My mind is busy acknowledging its call to action; my thoughts pulling away from writing to you beautiful, big-brained people.

But hold on, Voice of Reason. Aren’t we adaptable? Aren’t us humans known to configure ourselves and our functionality to our environment? Aren’t we ever-evolving in a world that continues to do the same? Case in point: We are definitely less hairy and tail-less these days.

In a recent *study where they focused on interruptions within three study groups (one with no interruptions, one with interruptions and one who were warned of interruptions that never came), reality looks promising.

At first, yes, the interrupted group performed less than the uninterrupted group, but over time the gap closed.

In the study group that was warned of interruptions that never came, members improved by a colossal 43 percent,  even outperforming the controlled group who experienced no interruptions.

In other words, participants learned and their brains adapted.

So: We are capable of improving and dealing with it.

Dumbing Down? No. I think we’re growing, adapting and evolving into beings that are communicating in more ways than ever before.

Thankfully, without full body hair and tails.

*stats pulled from  the University of California, Irvine

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Inspire Your Work Ethic

The debate continues around the water cooler: Is “Work Ethic” derived from nature or nurture?

Whatever the answer, I do know that everyone experiences highs and lows when it comes to our jobs, passions and ambitions.

Inspired work ethic breaks slumps and gives our dreams the vehicle that takes them to great heights.

My husband always jokes that when we’re out for a power walk together, without realizing it, I quicken my pace when I talk about work; eager to get back to my desk and give the same forward motion to new ideas and projects.

In other moments, I feel drained from the computer screen. Nothing can make me put myself in front of the keyboard at times, which really stalls my creative juices. My inbox looms, grows heavier, demanding my attention.

So where can we look for inspiration when we’re not feeling in the zone?


It’s hard to complain about work when earth’s industrious creatures never slack off. From the beaver who, despite its size, takes down the tallest of trees and continues to gnaw the trunks into sections, to the spider who is forever spinning after each storm or external force that destroys their artful architecture.


“Every time you stay out late; every time you sleep in; every time you miss a workout; every time you don’t give 100% – You make it that much easier for me to beat you.” -unknown



Nothing makes me want to dig in more than being encouraged by the hard work of someone I admire, who puts everything into what they love to do.

Whether it’s bred through nature or nurture, work ethic can never be completely silenced, whispering to us at times, but always present. It pokes at us in multiple moments; whether you’re a beaver, spider or homosapien.

Nature demands it of us all.

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