Is Your Email Signature Annoying?

Are you annoying everyone with your email signature?

Today, it’s very easy to shnazz it up by adding social media tags, awards won, inspirational quotes, photos, phone numbers, addresses, head shots, twitter handles, educational degrees, instagram accounts…phew!!

Without a little self-control, your signature could be just as irritating as that person at a party who talks non-stop about their overachieving kids.

So what is one to do?

I’ll give you the same advice I gave that guy at the party: Cut it short.

Did you know in the first 6 seconds of an email, someone looks at colour first? So your media badges do double-duty in this instance, but choose wisely. Adding a coloured logo with those badges, plus a photo or thumbnail is too much. Bring down the bling! People find it hard to remember more than one thing.

With email’s 3-second opportunities to show people your brand and what you represent, it’s important to highlight one key item: A clickable thumbnail that promotes a call to action or an award that makes you stand out.

As for those inspirational quotes, be sure that it builds your brand’s identity. Adding it just to add it, people typically don’t believe it. Match it well to your corporate persona.

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Changing Your Audience

When you know your audience, you can target a marketing campaign perfectly. So when a summer camp wanted to take advantage of warm days despite the back-to-school call-back for their junior clientele, they switched their direction.

Appealing to an audience of active adults, they marketed “Camp Yoga” for adults who could choose from an array of activities, sign up for electives and experience an adult version of a weekend, summer camp.

I partook in this venture recently and it was a really cool experience. Camping inside a bunker, waking up for sunrise canoe rides and experiencing an array of bootcamp, high ropes and yoga classes, I decided this place spoke to my inner-child that never got to experience camp.

With post workout campfires and a Hawaiin-themed dance party, Camp Yoga is a brilliant example of  switching up the ‘norm’ and thinking outside the box of regimented business models. They extended their season while advertising to an entirely new clientele, such as myself, who slept a total of 9 hours in three days because this camper stayed up way passed her bedtime.

Take – Away: Think Outside the Box and Direct Marketing Energies to a Whole New Arena

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Who Knew Speeding Could Actually be a Good Thing?

As a person who loves getting things done quickly, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Lab Sense Ice Cream in Toronto.

retrieving liquid nitrogen from the main container

The quicker you freeze cream, the fresher it tastes. By using liquid nitrogen, Lab Sense safely flash freezes their product, creating fewer ice crystals, which means a smoother and creamier result than any other ice cream.

Also, it looks super cool! However, don’t eat it fast. They still haven’t found the cure for brain freeze.

after mixing cream and other ingredients with the nitrogen

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Seriously Pink

Fulfill a Need = Sell a Great Product

One of our clients, Ginny Cox, saw a strong need in her tool industry when she realized that no tools are built for a woman’s hand.

Envisioning all women feeling strong, capable and independent, Ginny Cox began “Seriously Pink”: A line of tools machined for women.

“If you are given the correct tools in any job that you’re trying to get done, you’re going to feel more confident,” says Ginny.

The Seriously Pink Tool Kits are smartly packaged, pampering each woman who makes a purchase by blending tough with pretty. An experienced, trouble-shooting team stands behind every Seriously Pink product.

BENT Digital Media took the time to chat with Ginny and get the latest on this exciting line expected to hit Wal-Mart and other retailers:

Why Pink?

To me, the Hot Pink is sexy. It means I can be a woman and still be effective; be strong and do things on my own.

How do you feel about your boyfriend borrowing your pink tools?

He does, but he does not want anybody to know that. He’s very macho!

Why tools?

I am the eldest of three (myself, my sister and my brother). In my household, my dad fixed everything himself. Being the oldest, I was always enlisted. He was a woman’s “libber” and he always [said], “You are a woman and that makes no difference. You are capable of doing anything. You just have to try”.

I have removed tiles, put tiles up, done caulking, removed flooring, laid flooring.

What has been your challenge with working with tools over these decades?

The size and the weight. Especially as you get older, you get aches and pains. Now I have carpel tunnel syndrome in my hands. I can’t hold a big heavy drill. I can’t hold big, heavy tools and my hands don’t fit in them. It makes you feel incapable.

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