Is Your Email Signature Annoying?

Are you annoying everyone with your email signature?

Today, it’s very easy to shnazz it up by adding social media tags, awards won, inspirational quotes, photos, phone numbers, addresses, head shots, twitter handles, educational degrees, instagram accounts…phew!!

Without a little self-control, your signature could be just as irritating as that person at a party who talks non-stop about their overachieving kids.

So what is one to do?

I’ll give you the same advice I gave that guy at the party: Cut it short.

Did you know in the first 6 seconds of an email, someone looks at colour first? So your media badges do double-duty in this instance, but choose wisely. Adding a coloured logo with those badges, plus a photo or thumbnail is too much. Bring down the bling! People find it hard to remember more than one thing.

With email’s 3-second opportunities to show people your brand and what you represent, it’s important to highlight one key item: A clickable thumbnail that promotes a call to action or an award that makes you stand out.

As for those inspirational quotes, be sure that it builds your brand’s identity. Adding it just to add it, people typically don’t believe it. Match it well to your corporate persona.

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Five 2017 Slang Words You Want to Know


Staying current with some of today’s terms is an interesting challenge, especially if you don’t game or hang at the mall in your spare time.

So I’ve defined five words that I’ve overheard (and probably could never pull off, if I ever chose to use them):

Savage:  When you’ve done something bad-ass. Brutal, but awesome. (Okay, maybe I could pull this one off. I’ve done things that are totally savage).

One Hundo:  A short form of the term “100 per cent”.

Goat: An acronym for greatest of all time.

Extra:  A negative description for someone who is trying too hard or going over the top.

Low-Key:  When you’re loving something, but are keeping it on the down-low. You’re low-key loving this country song.

Hope you found this post on fleek. ????

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A Fresh Coat of Paint

As life demands it of us, we have to take care of things. Such as taking an old and cherished thing and giving it a fresh coat of paint even if your heart isn’t ready to.

For instance, we have this old porch that wraps around the front of our house. In fact, it was this porch that sold us on this place 17 years ago.

It’s worn and growing older, just like me and my husband. It has endured the knees of chubby toddlers learning to crawl, the worried paces of a mother settling a baby with croup in the crisp, night air. It’s suffered scars from skateboards and roller blades, skipping ropes and wrestling teenagers.

If I close my eyes, I can hear the sounds that live inside those memories, all performed atop these wooden boards that became our makeshift stage for life: The advice doled out to tear-stained cheeks, the arguments preceding slammed doors, dropped ice cream cones and the exuberant dog that cleaned up after them, thunderstorms clapping for giggling bundles in patchwork quilts. Every one of those moments, I can hear.  All at once, it’s a hurtful, beautiful symphony.

But it’s in disrepair, so we took care of it. We rolled a fresh coat of brilliant white right over all those years.

I bet this porch wonders where those little feet went off to in such a hurry, yet it still promises life: A husband and wife rocking in its chairs as they plan travel adventures and serve drinks to lifelong friends, the porch swing lulling us into the pages of good books, the laughter as we remember and celebrate our journey so far, the love this porch will feel when grown kids come to visit.

It does look perfect, this gleaming unweathered version and it seems ready to endure new memories. I think we might be ready too; ready for a future that holds stories untold, exciting landscapes and unexplored horizons.

So change is good. New is good. Perhaps we are ready to take that step into the great beyond where no little ones are trailing us. This newly painted porch is inspiring change, urging us to take on the dreams we’ve been planning through the years and it sure does give a nice shine.

But if we look closely, there are still dents and scrapes the paint just couldn’t fill and I know that underneath this pristine coat of new beginnings, our porch is still the same wonderfully, scarred surface.

And that’s good too.

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Changing Your Audience

When you know your audience, you can target a marketing campaign perfectly. So when a summer camp wanted to take advantage of warm days despite the back-to-school call-back for their junior clientele, they switched their direction.

Appealing to an audience of active adults, they marketed “Camp Yoga” for adults who could choose from an array of activities, sign up for electives and experience an adult version of a weekend, summer camp.

I partook in this venture recently and it was a really cool experience. Camping inside a bunker, waking up for sunrise canoe rides and experiencing an array of bootcamp, high ropes and yoga classes, I decided this place spoke to my inner-child that never got to experience camp.

With post workout campfires and a Hawaiin-themed dance party, Camp Yoga is a brilliant example of  switching up the ‘norm’ and thinking outside the box of regimented business models. They extended their season while advertising to an entirely new clientele, such as myself, who slept a total of 9 hours in three days because this camper stayed up way passed her bedtime.

Take – Away: Think Outside the Box and Direct Marketing Energies to a Whole New Arena

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Who Knew Speeding Could Actually be a Good Thing?

As a person who loves getting things done quickly, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Lab Sense Ice Cream in Toronto.

retrieving liquid nitrogen from the main container

The quicker you freeze cream, the fresher it tastes. By using liquid nitrogen, Lab Sense safely flash freezes their product, creating fewer ice crystals, which means a smoother and creamier result than any other ice cream.

Also, it looks super cool! However, don’t eat it fast. They still haven’t found the cure for brain freeze.

after mixing cream and other ingredients with the nitrogen

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Spring Has Sprung

This is our Art Director, Jeremy Green, visiting our client’s showroom. It sure put a spring in his step to be around all those fast and furious toys.

However, Jeremy, you are there for Suzuki’s next exciting marketing initiatives, not to test these beauties out! It’s looking like an adventurous 2017 for Suzuki Canada.

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Should I Consider Podcasts?

A Podcast is an audio file for download via computer or mobile device. New episodes can be received by subscribers automatically.

A podcast is a fantastic way to personally connect to your consumers. If you’re new to the concept, think of it as a radio show that you never miss since you listen when you choose. No wonder millions are tuning in to these modern day “radio shows”.

Here are 8 reasons why Podcasts work and why you should consider producing your own:

1. You control the content

Podcasts attract listeners who are asking to hear what you have to say. This gives you a large amount of time to connect, speak volumes and deliver information the way you choose.

2. Personally connect with your audience

This is your chance to be creative as opposed to the corporate limits of brochures and websites. Layer your delivery with exciting events, upcoming trends, interviews and worldly connections.

3. Travel with your consumer

Podcasts are on the move with your client. If they have a means of listening to music, whether it be their computer, smartphone or MP3 player, they have the means of listening to you.

4. Cost effective

Podcasts are all about audio. The listener expects no bells and whistles…just simple conversation (what talk radio has been to us for years). Podcasts typically steer clear of music (copyright issues) and video.

5. Staying current

Outputting podcasts and making them available on your website is a great way to keep your image fresh, modern and current without the cost of revamping other costly marketing tools.

6. Time is on your side

Unlike most marketing strategies (commercials, video, brochures) where you want to keep content to a minimum, podcasts are the opposite. Your listener has invited you in and wants to enjoy the conversation while commuting to and from work or taking a break in their day. A typical podcast can run well over an hour. Because your listener is connecting to you on their time, they’re welcoming you into their lives. You have the mic!

7. If you had your own show… 

Wait. You do! It’s your show. Enjoy the limelight. Discuss, inform, entertain and enjoy the banter with celebrity speakers and consumer end-users.

8. Advertising

Advertisers will want a piece of the action on your show — a source of revenue if that’s the way you want to go, but be warned: Keep the ads relevant to your show or your listeners will tune out.


You can become self sufficient in developing your own podcasts. Consulting with a marketing media company to get started is a good idea. Keep your show of high caliber by professionally producing a one-time intro / extro segment that can sandwich each podcast.

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A.D.D Marketing

How does one introduce themselves in a corporate society where your audience has 2.7 minutes of spare time between tasks?

When I think back to when I first got into corporate media , I am amazed at how the marketing mission has evolved.

Time with a client through video was a true wonder. Customers were thrilled to be entertained through a 1-hour video in a sales world riddled with business cards and folded brochures (sort of like in high school when the teacher broke out a movie in class. Who cared if it was just a film about stick bugs getting it on?).

But throw on a 1-hour video in front of a perspective client these days and you’ll lose them in the first few seconds. No one has the time, let alone the attention span.

Yet, you have to have some form of moving media today or you’re not grabbing a client’s attention. So I’ve formed this helpful list in dealing with our A.D.D Corporate Society:


  1. Video: watch the run time. Stick around the 2 minute mark OR LESS.
  2. Video: use subtitles. People scrolling through social media sites may not be able to use volume at their desks. Subtitles also catch the eye in a scrolling feed.
  3. Printed materials: keep the text to a minimum. People don’t read anything that looks like a commitment.
  4. If you have to convey a lot of information, do so in a secondary media piece: a data stick, a website, a booklet (once you have them asking for more).
  5. Consider moveable images such as animated “cinemagraphs” on websites, static pages, etc. You’re competing visually, not just productively.
  6. Entertain. The internet offers freebies all the time: information, amusement, images. If you’re putting your media out there, make it worth the client’s while in a visually stimulating way.
  7. Ephemeral Content: As in short-lived media content that is transitory. Instead of a long video, break up the same marketing budget into many 15-second videos, uploading them in intervals to stay current.

Side Note: Stick Bugs have sex for 2 months straight. How’s that for attention span!

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