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Tracey's journalism background gives her a unique skill set in the world of corporate media and its promotion. She is a marketing professional who specializes in video, graphic design, displays, tradeshow materials, event promotion, web, ads and published event coverage.

Mango Radio Salad, Please

There’s something very cool happening in the market right now.

Never before have I seen two or more completely unrelated ideas merge into the same creative space the way I have in the last couple years.

  • Microbreweries are holding  yoga classes.
  • Hair stylists are coiffing do’s in tea shops.
  • Concert halls are roasting marshmallows  (yes, you  can toast a marshie with the band)

As the VP of a media company, this barrier-breaking synthesis gets me pumped! I mean, think about it: we come from a history where you dared not show up for work in a dress suit. The onset of casual Fridays was so ground-breaking, people took issue. Jeans to work?! Get it together,  people!! There is work to be done! Slacker!

People are blurring lines, thinking outside the cubicle and, most importantly, having fun at work. And where there’s fun, there’s creative energy. And where there’s creative energy, there’s contagious success.

Marketing does not have to be linear. It can be a little bit of crazy with a side of chipotle mayo.

I say, synch with the multifarious blend of ideas and see where it leads you. Go ahead, drink it in.

No. Scratch that.

Sculpt it, break it,  throw it in a blender, turn it upside down, stick a straw in it and paint it with apple sauce.

And have fun doing it. Success will follow.

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We all carry one.

Depending on our perspective, an outcome can leave us feeling disappointed or satisfied when reality presents itself.

Example: I ordered pancakes the other day at a trendy restaurant. Special treat. Was told this place was “pancake heaven” by many close and trusted colleagues.

My Perspective: World’s Best Pancakes.

Reality: Management had recently changed, unbeknownst to me. They presented many exciting flavours and fusions, but no pancakes.

Result: Disappointment

Having a relationship with ambition and the real world is a balance with which we  all struggle.

When you are in the market, whether in business or in life, it’s important to consider a key ingredient to success: change. Because it alters from your original perception, don’t fear the newly revealed path.

Instead of holding on to old ideas (aka pancakes), contemplate the new (rosemary-infused eggs benedict?! Yes, please!).

When working with clients, I find the most successful marketing campaigns come from a place of open-spaced, creative thought. Forcing an idea on its original path could take your goals away from lucrative, unimaginable places.

Perspective. We all have one.  But we need to have many.

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