3 Free Things To Do in Toronto

I hit the sidewalk this week, hunting for creative inspiration.

It didn’t take long to be bedazzled by the wonderfully energetic people who give us passers-by our cultural fixes and samples of their talents. That brings me to share:

My Top 3 FREE Things To Do in Toronto. Enjoy!

1.  Ireland Park Potato Famine Memorial

I happened along this park without prior knowledge of its existence. The realistic depiction of these Irish immigrants seeking refuge due to horrific circumstances was soul-stirring to say the least. Nestled on a quiet corner at Toronto’s waterfront, it gives one great opportunity to pause and reflect on an event that changed this city forever.

Directions: Stroll along the lake and walk west toward the Canada Malting Silos. On the east side of the silos, you will find the park.

2.  CBC Museum

While walking down Front St. (near John), it’s worth your while to pop into the CBC Museum on the building’s main floor. Props and stories from childhood shows such as Mr. Dressup and The Friendly Giant conjure up some sweet memories for those who grew up alongside these programs. It’s a very surreal experience to stand underneath Casey and Finnegan’s treehouse and peer into the famous tickle trunk.

3. Steam Whistle Brewing Co.

Situated on the historic site of the CN Railway’s roundhouse (built in 1929), one can belly up to the Steam Whistle brewhouse bar and take in a free sample of their premium Pilsner Lager. Splurge on a brewery tour for only $10 or enjoy post-sample suds on their patio amid these iconic surroundings.


So there you have it. History, culture, waterfront walks and thirst-quenching suds at the end of the day. All for less than the lint in your pocket.

What did I miss? Would love to hear your free faves.

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