Video Bandwagoning

“Companies looking to stay competitive in their market space, win new business and attract employees need to embrace video,” says entrepreneur, professor and marketing executive David Gerzof Richard.

Even though high quality video, sound and lighting equipment is costly for a company , the services are not. Uploading pro-level content rather than generic phone uploads makes a company look great in today’s overcrowded, handheld market.

Jumping on the video bandwagon is easier than it’s ever been. For instance, our studio offers various budgets that get our clients pro footage, upping their content value across social media platforms.

So, yes, there’s more video content out there than ever before, but putting your pro quality content beside your competition’s phone uploads has never been easier.

“If you run pro video in today’s market, you’re going to stand out. Absolutely,” says Jeremy Green, our Media Director here at BENT Digital Media.

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Old Flame History

BENT Digital Media had the privilege of recently shooting video at the Old Flame Brewing Co. just north east of Toronto.

The history behind this building is incredible, with charred wooden beams that still showcase the fire that raged through the old carriage house in the 1800’s.

With their craft lagers sweeping awards across the country and now available at the LCBO, it is a great pleasure to be a part of their marketing team.

Yes, that’s one of our cameras inside a beer pitcher.

BENT Digital getting a shot from behind the bar

Look up and you’ll see the burned timbers of the building’s 1800’s fire

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